Santurce, Puerto Rico | 2015 - Present

AgitArte’s Artist in Residence at Casa Taller creates an immersive exchange between artists from around the world and AgitArte and the Papel Machete Collective. The exchange has several areas of focus, including popular education on issues effecting Puerto Rico, skill shares between areas of work on projects within the collective at time of exchange, cultural exchange: music, art, language, and collective living.


  • The collective work and studio space create space for visiting artist/s in residence to create work presented in Puerto Rico and abroad.
  • Create collaborative work between AgitArte and visiting artist/s by strengthening relationships with organizations and individuals in the US and internationally.
  • Bring in working artist/s with specific skills to share with AgitArte & the Papel Machete Collective in order to expand and strengthen our collective capabilities.
  • Educate working artist and activist on the situation in Puerto Rico (who will then be returning to mainland US) in order to build solidarity with struggles in Puerto Rico.


  • Support new focus on sustainable food systems within the community
  • Create cultural work with theater collective supported by Agitarte
  • Share skills with members of organizations supported by Agitarte.
  • Learn about history and culture of struggles in Puerto Rico.
  • Participate with organizations working with AgitArte in current struggles in Puerto Rico.