Heaven On Earth: International Whores Day


In ancient times sex workers were known as healers, leaders and temple priestesses who brought the Goddess down to Earth, for humans to enjoy. Along the way through capitalism and colonialism, the way modern day people think of sex workers is much different. With the divine feminine awakening in full swing on Earth after centuries of repression, so many femmes, women and feminine people are awakening to their own sexual power and desire to express it. Sex workers have already been doing this and we are experts at it, but often have so much shame and stigma we’re dealing with that we hide those parts of ourselves instead of using them to flourish, in and outside of the adult entertainment industry. While our rights and our ability to work safely continues to be diminished, people outside our communities are profiting from our look and our vibes. Now with the closing of strip clubs and the push for sex workers to go online during quarantine, many are seeking alternative forms of income whether online adult entertainment or other forms of distance work. @HoesAreHealers is the first platform designed to support sex workers and sexual assault survivors in healing self, integrating healing as a lifestyle, and pursuing a career in the spiritual healing arts.

In collaboration with Heaven On Earth, SONG New Orleans and #TheOldProProject are producing an ethereal night of delights for New Orleans sex workers and organizers. While the guest list is closed, we invite you to join us in the magic by dedicating some of your day to pleasure and fantasy!

Art by Tina Orlandini @t.orlandini for AgitArte @agitarte_cultural_works in collaboration with @songneworleans