Marcha contra 5 años de dictadura

Art by  José Hernández Díaz for AgitArte @agitarte_cultural_works

5 years ago our people rose up against the PROMESA Law and its dictatorial board. Since then we have been fighting the imposition of criminal austerity measures that threaten our jobs, our health, our retirements, our public education and natural resources, in short: AGAINST OUR LIVES.

On August 31, Papel Machete marched together with the Jornada se Acabaron las Promesas with a band of banging pots, flags, banners, puppets and masks to the Puente de las Mujeres (former Puente Dos Hermanos) in Condado, where once again we managed to close it, but this time to present the premiere of the documentary “Simulacros de Liberación” (“Drills of Liberation”) by Juan Carlos Dávila, which collects our stories of struggle and resistance since the protests against a Fiscal Control Board (2016), life post-Hurricane Maria (2017-18) and the Combative Summer protests (2019). There we reaffirmed the courage of our people who have so many times shown that we are not afraid of those who threaten to destroy our Country. It is clear to us that cultural work and art are indispensable weapons of organizing, agitation, and struggle, of revolutionary creation and transformation. From this work, we materialize and shape the country that we deserve and aspire to.

We are not going to pay a debt that is not ours. We are capable and we will be free.