Free Palestine

Free Palestine

As many mark the end of Ramadan with Eid al-Fitr, a time to gather, break bread and celebrate, the people of Gaza are being starved by the Israeli government with support from the United States.

Over six months into this genocide, we continue to be in solidarity with Palestine and lift up Palestinian cultural resistance to settler colonialism.

Dabke is a folk dance from the lands including Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria (a region also referred to as Cana’an). The dance incorporates stomping on the earth, calling forth the connection between a people and the land. In more recent history, Dabke has been danced as a form of resistance to the attempted erasure of Palestinian people and culture, and the violent taking of Palestinian homes by the Israeli state.

Artwork by Tina Orlandini for AgitArte featuring Al-juthoor Palestinian Dabke with Dabke rhythms by Simon Moushabeck. Inspired by the poem “What I Will” by Suheir Hammad and by a video of Palestinian young people dancing Dabke during the Great March of Return (2018-2019).

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