AgitArte has worked with City Life in various projects. Our first collaboration was the building of red doors which were used as performing objects for a popular education project about how to resist foreclosures. The doors were very successful and have been used throughout the years to do role plays and agitational skits against the banks and their abuse against tenants and homeowners.

The second project was to build and paint hand-made signs. These house shaped signs have turned out to be the most used and widely recognized symbols of their campaign. They are still used today and can be seen in all of the documentation of their actions.

The third project was the building of a giant puppet called Count Bankula, poking fun at the “bloodsucking” banks that want working class blood. This puppet was a huge success at protests and demonstrations and debuted at the Right To the City March on the same day Occupy Boston started.

Our latest project was the development of a Toy Theater play about the evictions and the history of struggle of City Life. The performers included Papel Machete puppeteers and City Life activist, Ken Tilton. The play was performed in Connecticut, Boston, Rhode Island, and at the Great Small Works International Toy Theater Festival in Brooklyn, NY.


Jorge Díaz Ortiz